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Camille De Bruyne, aka Milla Brune, is a captivating musician with a profound artistic expression rooted in music.

Her journey began with the tragic loss of her father at age 10, fueling her unstoppable desire to convey emotions and vulnerabilities through her music.

Milla Brune's songs and compositions weave a poetic tapestry that resonates deeply with listeners. Her enchanting fusion of delicate melodies, exquisite tonal nuances, and vibrant vocals evokes profound emotions and establishes a profound connection.

Having performed on international stages, Milla Brune collaborated with diverse projects in world music, soul, and hip-hop. Renowned acts like Guru/Jazzmatazz, Zap-Mama, Tina Arena, and Baloji have featured her remarkable voice. She has also ventured into electronic music alongside DJs like Pomrad, Quentin Mosimann, and Junior Jack. Influenced by classical and jazz music, these collaborations have refined her talents.

Milla Brune's debut EP, 'The Other Woman,' showcases her artistry by skillfully blending diverse musical influences like a master goldsmith. 


Her latest album, 'Higher,' is a sublime collection of elegant and intimate pop songs, bridging vulnerability and strength.


Higher… is coming on June 9.

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