Hailing from Brussels, Belgium, Milla Brune is one of those rare artists that has built and created her own musical universe through a multitude of experiences and collaborations within the world of music.

Her EP “The Other Woman”, is a stew of Pop, Urban, Soul and Jazz that explores and experiments with an acoustic and minimalist approach centered around the strength, sensibility and fragility of her voice. Upon listening, one finds her music to be an emotional reflection of what’s coming straight from her heart & soul.

Having grown up in a classical and jazz musical environment, she instead was moved to merge her own personal influences of soul and rhythm & blues to define her sound.
After the loss of her father at the tender age of 10, music became the essential center-point of her life. This passion served as a healthy outlet of expression for an otherwise introverted child.

In 1997 she collaborated and toured with West African artist JOHN ARCADIUS, spreading his flavor of world music throughout his native West Africa and Europe. This experience opened the door to her encounter with internationally celebrated world music artist, ZAP MAMA with whom she toured the globe from.

While not being bound to genre, she was also the featured vocalist of the late US rapper GURU’s Jazzmatazz project. In 2006, her voice accompanied his trailblazing sound for his European live shows. In 2007, she joined afro-rap artist BALOJI per his request as lead singer for shows throughout Europe, Canada and Brazil.

After supporting this roster of noteworthy artists, 2009 put the flame under Milla to focus on her solo career and release her first EP entitled “There’s Love”.

2012 finds an evolved Milla Brune showcasing her new EP “The Other Woman” which expands upon her artistic universe and surprises the listener with beautiful, intimate and introspective compositions.

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